Car detailing services in Berkshire include specialist treatments such as paint correction, colour enhancement detailing, protection details. Check out our professional packages below:


Our talented team of car detailers will then work their way around the vehicle again with finer grades or polishes and pad combinations, refining and jeweling the paint to create a glossy finish to the paintwork. The premium package, designed to restore your car to the elite standard.

  1. Deep interior clean
  2. Deep exterior clean
  3. Defect removal
  4. Protection Detail
  5. 3 stage Paint Correction
  6. Colour Enhancement Detail
  7. Engine Steam Detail


The single stage enhancement and paint correct service works for new and older vehicles. This detail is the perfect option for vehicles that may have marring, swirl marks and scratches on the car.    A beautiful finish; the paint colour will look substantially enhanced with added depth.

  1. Deep exterior clean
  2. Defect removal
  3. Protection Detail
  4. Paint Correction
  5. Enhancement Detail


The thorough wash and protection detail service works for both new and older vehicles, providing a deep clean and added protection using a wax or sealant and the interior vacuumed and cleaned throughout. This service is designed to protect your existing paint condition and help ease future washing.

  1. Exterior clean
  2. Interior vacuum

Give your car a natural finish